If u send me a life size cut out of u I’ll take it to prom

Two rats in my face right now


what makes zayn beautiful
gotta be zayn
zayn thing
zayn while we’re young
one zayn or another
best zayn ever
story of my zayn
zayn and i

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Anonymous: dear bestfriend


Anonymous: Dear bestfriend

Dear bestfriend(s)

I have three so I’ll do them

1. You never fail to make me laugh and I’ve shared so many deep uncomfortable stories with you and it shocks me how you can still be my friend when you have the power to literally stop talking to me whenever you want (please don’t). I love you so much. I hope that one day you can see how cute and perfect and pretty and funny you are. I love when we stay up late ( me later than you time zone woo) together and share stories and talk about boys and dreams. I think you’ve given me the ability to think of my future rather than just assuming I’ll be dead before I’m 20 and you’ve given me goals and aspirations and you’ve made me have the desire to do something with my life. Anyways I could go on forever but I won’t just know I love you.

(The other 2) We’ve all three been friends forever but this year we’ve become literally like a family. We always support eachother and love eachother and our friendship is so important to me. You guys have pushed me to become more independent and you have helped me with so many of my mental health problems. I am so grateful to have people as patient and giving as you in my life an I’m so glad we can agree on everything.

Anonymous: dear mom

Dear mom,
You are my savior. Sometimes I wish you didn’t love me as much as you do, because It makes me feel so guilty for being so sad, but I’m thankful that you do love. You will never know how many times you have saved my life, and you will never truly understand how much I appreciate you. You are my guardian angel. I want you to know that your life has purpose, much deeper than you think. I hate when you’re sad, and I wish I could make it so you never were sad again.

Anonymous: Dear person I hate

Dear person I hate,

Stop thinking I owe you anything. You were not put on this earth to receive anything, quit expecting. You need to grow up and learn a little bit. Expand your horizons and quit begging for anyone’s approval. You are capable of brilliant things but you mold yourself into things that don’t define who you really are. Learn to listen to people and learn to let go. You hurt so many people and you ignore anyone’s feelings that aren’t your own. Give a little.

Anonymous: Dear future me,

Dear future me,

Don’t give up art for money. Be happy. Keep a clean home and don’t be scared to talk to people.